Tighter Online Gambling Security in the UK

Despite the surging popularity of online gambling, there is still a large number of individuals who do not feel safe enough to gamble at the many available internet casinos.  Many of them believe that these websites exist solely to contribute to problem gambling, underage wagering and money laundering.  What makes it worse is that these issues are a reality in various areas of the world.  In fact, unlicensed and illegal internet casino sites are currently operating in China, Korea, Japan and many other countries.  One major reason this occurs is because of the online gambling laws enacted in certain areas.  Some countries have simply chosen to make this activity illegal and forbid their citizens from partaking.  While all jurisdictions have their reasons for being for or against online gambling, it does nothing to sooth the fear of individuals who are spooked from all the security horror stories.

Security Conscious Casinos

Interested yet hesitant parties should be comforted to know that reputable online casino operators understand their concerns regarding security.  These companies work diligently to prevent issues of fraud and hacking from occurring within their gaming environment.  The online gambling industry is prevalent in the UK and to no surprise, this area is home to internet casinos that offer players some of the best protection available.  At the same time, they realize that no website is ever 100% safe, so many are now working to improve their level of security to ensure players even better protection.  UK operators are currently working with internet security firms to enforce security protocols and verify identification.  Casinos are putting emphasis on mechanisms that prevent underage gambling as well as unauthorized account access from parties that are not validated.  These efforts are being made to better ensure that player casino accounts and most importantly, their funds, are protected.

PartyGaming and PKR.com are two of several online casinos in the UK that have decided to ramp up their security efforts.  They have let it be known that it is their obligation to keep the security systems up to date and also make sure underage gamblers are not participating.  When asked if these efforts were being made to eventually tap into the American market when and if regulation is introduced, both stated while they always look to expand, they are more concerned about providing a secure gaming environment.  In the eyes of PartyGaming and PKR.com, the potential of the U.S. market isn’t nearly as important as protecting the players.


If an online casino cannot provide dependable security, there is no way they will survive in this fiercely competitive market.  However, operators must be aware that the evolution of technology opens up the door to more security woes.  Every time a viable security tool or method is introduced, the criminals always seem to find a way around it.  Therefore, security systems need to be updated on a regular basis to keep the player community protected.  Thankfully, many online casinos in the UK and other areas realize this and do their best to ensure security for their players regardless of where they reside.

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