Community Slot Machines: The New Way of Gambling

Traditionally, slot machines are solo devices that player’s play alone. You may strike up a conversation with the player next to you, but slot machines do not offer near the community involvement and group spirit that a poker table does. Walking around a casino, you will notice most of the noise and good times are coming from the poker tables. While slot machines are a quieter game- that is, until AC Coin & Slot developed the first community slot machines.

What are Community Slot Machines?

Community slot machines are a both one large slot machine and several individual slot machines. Typically, the community slot machine is made up of several individual slot machines tied together in front of one larger, interactive screen. In community slot machines, players have a shot at winning individual bonuses as well as sharing in the communal bonuses when it comes around.

How do Community Slot Machines Work?

When a player sits down at a community slot machine, they will notice that they have a small independent slot screen in front of a much larger bonus screen. The player will start playing the smaller slot screen. This works as any slot machine, offering payouts and bonuses. However, the larger screen will all give out bonuses, (some community slot machines offer more then one.) While the player is plugging away on his or her own slot, the bonus screen will start at random. Any bonus achieved on the community screen is paid out to every player participating in the game based on his or her betting amount.

What is the Upside to Community Slot Machines?

For one, community slot machines dish out far more bonuses then standard slot machines. However, most players enjoy the community slot machines for the sheer fun of it. A community slot machine can be as active as a poker table, with players routing for each other and joining in on the phone. In addition, since these slot machines are state of the art, the game play is highly interactive and most of the slot feature popular movies, companies, or themes like Monopoly and Ebay.

Overall, the community style slot machine was a huge step forward for AC Coin & Slot. The games draw in many players, both for the community aspect as well as the highly recognizable themes. For example, the Monopoly based community slot machine has bonuses based around the popular board game that many players are drawn too. The games are fun to play and worth checking out at the casino.

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