What is Sic Bo? | Where to Play Sic Bo?

Sic Bo has Multiple Winning Combinations in Every Round. Explore the Fascinating Dice Game at a Live Thai Casino.


Sic bo, aka tai sai, dai siu, hi-lo or big and small, is a dice game. The name of the game ‘sic bo’ means precious dice. Dai Siu or Dai Sai means big or small. Sic bo is a popular casino game. You can now play online sic bo at live casinos and sports betting websites like GTRBETCLUB.


What is Sic Bo?


Sic bo is a popular game in Thailand, although it originated in China. The ancient game used to be played with three dices. Today you will find English variants of the ancient game, also known as chuck-a-luck and grand hazard. Sic bo is played in Thailand, the Philippines, China and is widely popular in Macau. All Macau casinos host this game. It has also found its way into American casinos in the last few decades. The game is legal in casinos across the United Kingdom. It is regulated as per a law passed in 2002.


The unequal game requires players to wager their bets on the sic bo table. The table has various marked sections. After the players have placed the bets, the dealer shakes a chest containing the dices and then reveals the combination. The game is often compared with craps but it is not the same. Sic bo has winners and losers in every round. Craps require a few rolls before anyone can win or lose. There can be some strategy involved in craps whereas there is no such scope in sic bo. It is hence purely a game of luck or chance.


There are many types of betting options and the odds as well as some rules vary from country to country. Casinos may also choose to have their own regulations. The types of betting options are big, small, odd, even, triples or alls, doubles, three dice total, dice combinations, single dice bet, four number combination, three single number combination or single number and specific double combination.


Where to Play Sic Bo?


Online Sic Bo can be the exact game as it is played in Thailand or there can be some variations. Adjustments are quite common and those will depend on the choice of online casino. The rules largely remain the same. The layout also remains identical in most cases. Online Sic Bo has many winners and losers in every round. This is primarily a reason why players are so enthused to partake in the game. Every rollout of the dice can have many spots as winners so many players can secure a generous return on their bets. The odds will vary from one casino to another. This is why you should choose where to play Sic Bo after duly considering the payouts.


There is no dearth of online casinos hosting the game. Online sic bo typically allows big and small bets, even and odd bets, total of all dice bets, double and triple bets, single number bets and more. One of the most rewarding places to play online sic bo is gtrbetclub. It is a direct website hosting the game and not an affiliate or agent.












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