How can You Cheat in Craps Using Remote Control Dice?

If you want to make sure the dice rolls in your favor, go for the remote-controlled dice. This way, you can win in Craps with ease.


Craps is one of the most entertaining games. Ever since it arrived from Europe to America, it has been drawing a lot of attention. The gambling community always welcomes new games and styles. People also look for ways to make more money with every bet once they start playing it. Playing and winning in the dice game of craps is fun. But to make it more rewarding, gamblers often resort to cheating devices and methods. From using loaded dices to remote control dice, the gamers use these more. They are special types of dices, and you will find them from reliable stores like Marked Poker Cards.

What is Remote Controlled Dice?

Remote-controlled dice are the ones you can control or maneuver. What can you make the dice do with the remote control? You can make it roll the way you want and show the face you want it to show. In short, if you want to get a six, you can make it roll with the help of the remote control to show the number. There is a sensor on the dice that can function at least 300 times on full charge.

Is it a Great Idea to Use these Remote Dice?

If you visit a casual gambling club and want to ensure a win at Craps, getting this cheating device is a great idea. Yes, there is a risk in hand when you have to go for the rolling. These days, there are loaded dice and mercury dice. The problem with loaded dice is the weight and design. A professional club owner might spot this discrepancy in the weight or shape of the dice and catch you red-handed. But if not, then simply using these dices would do.

Other Cheating Tricks to Win in Craps

Back in the earlier years, the house used to rig the dice and only have dice giving 2, 3, or 12. The players also used to go for the pass-line bet only. But this means the house always won, and the player never got a win. This discouraged the players so much that they did not want to play Craps at all. Later, John Winn introduced the standard betting order that included the “don’t pass line” option.

Other winning tactics included Colluding, where you could join hands with the casino operator to rig the game.

Yet another way to make the most of the dice game of craps is by opting for dice controllers. This means some people dictated the ways the dice would roll or bounce on the felt table. Many gamers opted for sliding too when the players could arrange the dice and opt for the numbers that would come face up.

Winning in craps is not as easy as you may assume it to be. The easiest way has to be by opting for the remote-controlled dice. This will enable you to give better control and movement of the dice.


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