Did you believe in these gambling misconceptions?

We would like to know if you bound with any of these togel myths. Feel free to check yourself and see if some of these misconceptions spoil your gambling activity.

The gambling world nowadays is somehow divided into several groups of players. At one hand, we have the passionate sports betting punters. At the other hand, we see the casino enthusiasts who move from the exciting slot machines to some exquisite live table games with Blackjack cards or poker croupiers. And at the end we’ve got a group of lucky guys who prefer lotteries, togel and scratch cards.

You might say that they are so different, but there’s actually something that connects them for life. It is the belief in some really, really bad gambling misconceptions. If you are scared of the risk to be in their traps, too, don’t hesitate to keep reading this article.

Below we will list you some misconceptions about casino games and gambling as a whole. Check out if any of them used to be your belief, too:

  1. If you play for a long time eventually you will have to win. This is what you think. Actually, this is what you hope for. But hope does not have anything in common with the reality. If you bad strategy is not going to change, at the end you will not win, but instead will lose everything.
  2. You should never count the cards, because it is illegal. There is no low where this is written. And there’s no casino – at least an official and legit one – that will do something bad to you to punish you for counting cards. You can count the cards in poker. And by the way, you must count the cards at the Blackjack table if you want to win, because this is the hottest tactic in the game.
  3. There are cold and hot slot machines. According to this myth some machines haven’t given any rewards for a long time, which is why soon they will. And vice versa – if a recent prize was received on your slot machine, better stand out and move to another one. But the casino history knows cases when on the same slot machine two jackpots fell during one day. This is a too hot machine, isn’t it?
  4. The more you play the better player you will become. Indeed, experience is everything and improving your skills is a must to exceed your current playing level. But there is no certain guarantee that the increase of the playing hours will make you a pro. If you read and try new tactics it will take you the same time of playing, but will give you more experience, no doubts.

Now, forget all of these things and start looking at the casino experience with a more serious look, ok?

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