Beware Of Copy Cat Online Roulette Strategies

As far as online casino games go, roulette is one of the most popular, people want to win at it which is obvious. People are searching for systems every day, and people are selling them every day too.

I have realised that many sellers copy off one another and simply re-name the system. The only thing worse than buying a betting system that doesn’t work is to buy it again from someone else.

A lot of online roulette strategies do not work out at all over the long term, it is important that I mention that before I talk about some copy cats. A lot of them have betting patterns that are really risky and will eventually lead to a big loss.

Out of all the copycats, the most recent attempt is roulette advisor, this is quite a bad rip off of roulette sniper, which is a very well known scam. This is basically a software program, and you have to input some results into it, it will process them, then tell you where to bet next.

The system coded into it is known as gambler’s fallacy, and this is a problem. What you have to do is bet on a part of the table that hasn’t shown up recently, then keep increasing your bets each time you lose.

So, if a certain colour hasn’t shown up for a few spins, it will tell you to bet on it, you have to keep doing this until you get a win. You will lose when you use this system, it is known for not being very good.

Roulette advisor is just the latest of many roulette sniper wannabe’s. The first copy cat was the terribly named Roulette Raper, which never really caught on. There’s also R-Bet which was identical to roulette sniper other than a $10 prize increase.

The only light at the end of the tunnel with these software programs is that they’re sold via Clickbank. You will therefore be able to get all your money back with no questions asked once you realise that you have made a mistake and seen how rubbish your purchase is.

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