What is the Most Effective Method to Effectively Bet?

Some of the most effective methods to effectively bet dictate that knowing the amount of money to wager is better than placing the bet itself…

Many seasoned and expert bettors present a strong case where they suggest that the amount of money one wagers plays a more critical role than the bet itself. To find an effective method, we stake five betting process to discover the best…


First Stake: Bet everything, every time. Experts encourage bettors to wager the whole bankroll on every bet. Doing so, punters qualify for more significant returns faster. Unfortunately, if the bet goes sideways, gamers lose the entire bankroll.

Second stake: Fixed Bet. In this strategy, players should place a fixed bet amount; they should also refrain from varying the bet regardless of the amount they win.

By wagering $100 with a 55% winning chance on a 2.00 bet, they significantly reduce the chances of losing their stake. However, using this process, the winnings increase at snail speed!

Third Stake: Martingale. Under this strategy, experts advise gamblers to double their stakes after losing any bet.

The strategy covers their loss with the next bet’s winnings. The approach delivers a quicker increase as opposed to the second stake by doubling up wagers to cover losses.

On the downside, however, for players suffering consecutive losses, the doubling will have them betting and losing large amounts with every loss!

Fourth Stake: Fibonacci. With this strategy, players increase their stake to their losses with the next wager’s winnings. Unfortunately, it also reduces how fast stakes increase when a punter is losing, thus minimizing the winning rate.

Fifth Stake: Proportional betting. Here, users wager a fraction of their bankroll proportional to the edge. In essence, the bet amount should be margin divided by the odds. Case in point, if the margin is 10%, the odds are even, translating to 10/1.

Then, 10% of the $1000 wallet translates to $100 wager amount. If the bet sails through, the next wager goes up to $110 that will be $10 of the new $1100 wallet. With this strategy, winning increases faster, while losses reduce.


Our Take

At 888gold, we remind users that there is no ideal system of the above mentioned. In as much as one of the four stakes worked above, there are more advanced systems that work best for different types of wagers.


Punters should discover the most suitable staking style that will work for their sports betting, through research and simulation. If you are looking for a workable strategy, you can try each of the above until you find one that works best for you!

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