What is a Payout Percentage?

Payout percentage and return to player are interchangeable terms. Players should know the payout percentage for a game to gauge how much one can win.

Anyone interested in gambling or betting in a game, offline or online at 2BCasino, should be aware of the payout percentage. It varies for different games. It is also different for specific versions of the same game. There are some standard rules, as regulated by the gaming commission. There are house rules, as determined by the casino. Then there are variations among the different versions of a popular game, such as poker or slot. A player should know the payout percentage to gauge the chances of a win.


Payout Percentage Explained!


Payout percentage is the amount of money a player can win on an average for a given number of spins, rounds or games. Let us consider a slot machine. A player goes for a hundred spins, thus wagering as many bets. Every bet can be the same or the value may vary. The payout percentage indicates how much money the player can expect to win in those hundred bets. This does not necessarily indicate how many times a player may win. The payout percentage is specifically about the money or the value that can be won, not the frequency or total possible number of wins.


If a slot has a payout percentage of ninety, then it means that the machine will return ninety dollars for a hundred dollars wagered by a player or several players. This is an average. It does not mean a player will win ninety dollars for every hundred dollars. It does not imply every player will win ninety percent of the amount they bet, in one spin or innumerable spins. What it does indicate is the chances of winning when a player keeps betting. For instance, if a player bets a hundred times, then it is likely for the machine to return ninety percent of the amount wagered. If a person bets a thousand times, then too the same payout percentage is applicable.


The concept of payout percentage is the same for an offline slot and an online slot at 2BCasino. Nearly all gaming commissions in the world require casinos to declare the payout percentage for every game. It is most widely followed in case of slots but its significance in other games should not be understated. Some players choose slots depending on this payout percentage. Other games can also be chosen on this basis. Payout percentage is the same as the return to player. These are interchangeable terms for most casino games.

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