Some things and facts you will be thrilled to hear about lotteries

Take a break till the next drawing and read some curious totobet facts! Read about the craziest lotto things in the history.

Do you know anybody who has already won a lottery game in Then, you might be aware of his or her story and now you use it as an inspiration to get more and more tickets in order to become the next lucky guy. However, you will be truly surprised to find out that out there across the whole world the history of lottery hides some truly unbelievable stories. Do you want to learn about them?

Meanwhile, according to the specialists, about 50% of the totobet players use statistics in predicting the right numbers for the next drawing. Stats in lottery history are also very interesting and you will be definitely thrilled to hear them all.

We would like to share with you some things and facts that are definitely going to amaze you! Let’s get started until the next drawing session begins…

  • Males are more thrilled about playing lotteries. It’s hard to believe, but it seems that women are more practical as 70% of them claim that winning the lottery is a hard and impossible thing. Today, about 65% of the lottery lovers are males.
  • In a study that took place in the UK and that surveyed only lottery winners, it became clear that 99% of them continue playing the game. They are totally sure that one day they will win at again.
  • Just because men are more than females, who play the lottery game, doesn’t mean that the ladies are totally out. On the contrary, according to a research the lottery winners from female sex are about the same number as those from male sex. What’s more interesting here, is that more than half of the winners among the ladies hide their winning ticket in their bras!
  • There’s a belief that all lottery winners blow off their money fast. If we agree with that, it would be surprising for you to find out that most of these fast-spending-money lottery lucky people lose their income speedily because they give it away for charity and to help the family.
  • One third of the lottery winners from Europe are actually from the poorest classes in their countries. There’s a belief according to which rich people don’t play lottery games, but we have a name to prove you the opposite – Madonna is one of the top celebrities who also won a lotto game.
  • One of the luckiest lotto winners became a rich person from a tip. He was a bartender, who was given a solid tip one day. During his way back home the bartender decided to buy a totobet He won nearly 15 thousand of USD.
  • On the other side, one of the craziest lotto jackpot spending moments was a tip, too. There was a winner – a policeman – from the States who used to visit the same café every day and after a lottery win, he shared the money with the waitress.

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