See why Asian gamblers are in love with Baccarat

Discover the main reasons why Baccarat is so preferred in Asia and mainly in China. Here’s why Asian gambling market is full of Baccarat games, including the mini Baccarat version.

Baccarat has been a popular gambling product in the whole world for a long time. In Europe, about 90% of the top preferred online casinos offer it, while in the island countries offline casinos keep offering Baccarat table with a huge speed and desire to satisfy the local audiences. In the States, Baccarat might be known by a completely different name – Punta Banco – but it has been always one of the most played card games in the casino history here. Even the casino companies claim that they totally love the game. And that’s not by chance. Baccarat is the game – right after slots – that brings them the biggest amount of annual profit.

As to Asia, the trend is even more sensible here. Asians are totally crazy about Baccarat. And this tendency is quite visible mainly in China. Find out why below:

  1. Because of the number 8. This number plays a significant role in Baccarat game. But if you didn’t know, it is also the lucky number in China and in many other Asian cultures, myths, traditions and even religious rituals. Players from this part of the world believe that the lucky 8 number helps them to win in Baccarat.
  2. Because as a whole Baccarat is a game of chance and luck does matter here. Although Asian nations are determined as some of the smartest ones, when it comes to betting and gambling locals here prefer to play chance games. It seems that Asian players are keener in the entertainment part rather than in the strategy part when it comes to casino experience.
  3. Because this is a game with a low house edge. By all means, many players – regardless of their locations – will appreciate a gambling product with a low house edge. Well, Asians do, too. By the way, please, don’t confuse the low house edge with the small or zero commission. There are websites that might offer you 0% commission for the Baccarat games. Don’t bite it. This means only a higher house edge in the gameplay.
  4. Because Baccarat has been always the game of the high rollers. Indeed, these days all players can afford playing the game. However, if you really want to get deeper into its gameplay and to win a lot, it takes experience and a big enough primary investment. And in Asia, especially in Singapore, China and Japan players love placing big bet sizes.

Baccarat has the potential to become the next top preferred card games right after poker or Blackjack. Of course, it depends which one of these two games will be ready to get down at the third place.

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