Playing Baccarat: The Secrets To Taking Small Losses And Making Big Wins

The secrets to taking small losses and making big wins. A gambler’s guide to playing baccarat with the odds stacked in your favor.

The winning techniques at baccarat games are always not easy to find or discover. The simple reason is that the baccarat game has not been created to make it easy to beat the house. At a baccarat table, you will hardly find a player/gambler who is consistently winning. However, all is not lost.

Some strategies are easy to use on a baccarat table and help you come out with a significant win. Though that does not mean this strategy will always make you win. However, the chances of winning become enhanced if you try the strategy discussed in this article.

It is always better to gamble with a specific strategy planned rather than having none. So, without further ado, let us discuss one of the methods of playing baccarat that increases the chances of winning for you after taking some small initial losses. This method is known as The Martingale Strategy.

The Martingale System

Some well-researched and modern betting systems can go a long way in helping you to win at baccarat strategy. One rule, which is so apparent, is that you NEVER place your bets with the “Tie” and that you always place your wager with the “banker.”

Martingale system is perhaps the most widely used or the most prevalent strategy, which gamblers put into use to enhance their chances of winning at baccarat at online casinos like SSGAME289. The system progressively places wagers which are particularly great for baccarat.

It also works for many other gambling card games while trading in stocks and shares. Although some people credit John Martingale, Paul Pierre Levy created the martingale system, a dishonest Casino owner.

Explanation of the Martingale Strategy

The theory of mean revision says the historical returns and asset values will come back to the long-term average or mean. The martingale system adopts this theory.

The game of baccarat assumes that pay will get as close to the wager’s RTP (return to player) in a prolonged period.


Maybe you will make losses, but the player stands to win at the end of the long sequence. The martingale system clearly says that you should double your wager from the last time if you lost the previous bet.

For example, if you placed a bet of $20 in the previous hand, this time around, you should keep your wager at $40. Martingale’s technique says you should follow this strategy till you win. When you finally win, you should go back to the wager of the beginning of the game.

So, suppose you started with $20 and you won at $100; your next bet should be the one you started with, which in this case is $20. This system has a phenomenal success rate in the long run.

The main idea behind this principle is that the player wins the biggest bet of the betting cycle. From what we discussed, the original bet was placed at $20,$40, $80, and the hand was won finally at $160. So the player eventually won ($160) and his losses were ($20 + $40 + $80 = $140). So finally, it was a $20 win.


We discussed one of the best ways to win big at baccarat with a few initial losses. As you all realize, the Martingale Strategy is a time-tested one and has helped many people win large amounts of money at baccarat.

Though one must know this is all a game of probability, so occasionally, you might end up losing. That is part of the game, but in most cases, you end up winning ultimately. Good luck at baccarat!

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