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Slots are among the simplest games at a casino. While those familiar with gambling will prefer some card games over slot machines due to better odds, most people like the easy spins and the chance to win some quid. Table or board games often require highest stakes so slots are a natural alternative. How to play slots cannot be generalised as every machine has its nuances. The basic objective and the action of the players remain identical and similar respectively. What we shall elaborate here are the tactics you must use while playing slots.


  • Decide how much you wish to bet, not just once but in an entire session of gambling. This will obviously depend on your budget and how much risk you are willing to take. Some people do not keep betting if they are losing. Some are willing to take a leap of faith and test their luck a little more. Choose an amount you wish to bet and have an exit strategy. Many players, especially those who are regular at slots, will consider a slot for only one spin. If they win, they may or may not continue on the same machine but if they lose then they will definitely move on. You can endorse this tactic.


  • The tactic may change if you are playing at a compensated slot machine. A compensated slot machine increases your chances of winning every time you lose a round. A random slot machine does not offer such a luxury. Hence, you may want to choose new casino sites and their slots as per the classification. New casino sites will tell you if a particular slot is random or compensated. When you are at a compensated slot machine, you can actually try several spins till you win and then try to decipher an average number of rounds you will need to win again. This is known as the standard deviation method. This is a mathematic approach many experienced players use. You will need patience, confidence and more importantly sufficient money to keep betting.


  • It is better to avoid video slots if you are not too familiar. Hone your skills and test your luck on simple slots with better bonuses, free spins, wild cards and multipliers than exploring the visually more intriguing video slots. You should also avoid progressive jackpots at new casino sites to keep things simple. Go for modest wins as the probability is higher and you will be able to take advantage of smaller stakes per spin so your cash will last longer.


•           There are many other strategies to increase your chances of winning at a slot game. Experienced players often start with the smallest stakes and increase the bets only when they win some. Many players will increase the bet only by a few pennies and some will include the entire sum won. You can have a progressive strategy or be more conservative. Your appetite for risk and your past experiences will influence such a decision.

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